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Vietnam is the 15th most populous country in the world. The country is picturesque with mountains, hills and dense forests. Level land comprises of less than 20%, mountains 40%, and tropical forests 42% of the country’s land area. The climate varies in different regions, with the average temperature being higher in the plains than in the mountains. Vietnam is one of the world’s countries most susceptible to climate change. The country is often affected by tropical depressions, tropical storms and typhoons. The weather patterns are those of both, tropical and temperate zones. However, the best months to visit are March to May when the weather is most conducive, countrywide. Vietnam is one of twenty-five countries with a uniquely high level of biodiversity. The Yok Don National Park of the Dak Lak Province is the largest of Vietnam’s nature reserves, famous for its ethical elephant tour. You can sign up for bird-watching, boat rides, ethnic village visits and the park’s full or half-day elephant experience. You could also head to a triangle-shaped island in the south of Vietnam, Phu Quoc, which greets you with striking white-sand beaches, warm waters and coastal scenery. Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam with 21 smaller islets. Snorkeling off the An Thoi archipelago in the south is a major tourist attraction, with sparkling beaches and underwater reefs. Other places you must visit are Ho Chi Minh City, Phong Nha, Hue, Hoi An, My Son, Ninh Binh, and Ha Long. The currency is Vietnamese đồng (VND or ₫) which equals INR 0.0028-0.0031 (fluctuates).

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There’s more to Vietnam than the traditional image of rice paddies and conical hats. Vietnam is known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and bustling cities. Vietnam is an exhilarating country to travel.
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